While we were all in Tokyo for the The Tokyo Earth Day we heard of our friends trying to save the forests of Mt. Minamiyama.

The forest of Mount Minamiyama are destroyed by developers and local government. This forest lies within 10 miles of downtown Tokyo and is one of the last natural green spaces in the crowded city vicinity. The people of Minamiyama don’t want their green space to be destroyed, people wonder why more homes are necessary when Japan’s population is decreasing?

80,000 and more trees will be lost plus the habitat for 80 types of longhorn beetle and the endangered Tokyo salamander will disappear. The raccoons that live there will also be lost. To help save the forest on the mountain the Walking Tree Man appeared on the day 120 people from all over Tokyo came to the forest to celebrate it’s great beauty and inspire people to action. Crow, took the opportunity to chat with him.

Here is a video of that chat: